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Sunday spam: French toast with bacon

The Myth of Looming Female Dominance [One] should always be wary of raw numbers in the news. In fact, when you look at the trend as published by the Census Bureau, you see that the proportion of married couple families … Continue reading

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Sunday Spam: crepes and maple syrup

As just fed to my son, in fact. The execution of Troy Davis and the death penalty Death Sentences Linked To History Of Lynching In States A Grievous Wrong on Georgia‚Äôs Death Row I donated to the Innocence Project and … Continue reading

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Sunday Spam: scrambled eggs and pesto

I have Instapaper now! Which means I read more stuff. Which means that every so often I will share things with you. On Sundays, sometimes. This week is biased towards American stuff, because Instapaper’s Browse page tends towards longer stuff … Continue reading

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