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PicturePile Plus

Please note, although PicturePile Plus is still available, I am no longer developing it, having ported it to Nevow as Backwards Mirror, part of my Backwards project.

Licence: LGPL (since it is derived from docs within the Twisted codebase).

Download: PicturePilePlus.tar.gz

This software is an enhancement of the code in the Twisted PicturePile tutorial. It has a number of enhancements: maintaining a path back to the root of the gallery, caption.txt files with the same format as album caption files and generation of thumbnails using PIL (which are then cached on disk). I wrote it to replace album on my system. I rather like album's cropped thumbnails, so this thumbnail code does that too.

This software requires Twisted Web to run.

Note that it is written in Woven, which is now effectively unmaintained. If you're looking at doing much Twisted Web development, use Nevow (still in development, help is available in #twisted.web on freenode, or on the twisted-web mailing list).

The tarball contains three files: run.py, photos.py, and thumbnail.py. The first starts up a test web server for you, the second is the Woven libraries for the application and the third generates the thumbnails.

Last modified: 23 May 2004