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Mary is in her twenties. She lives in Australia with her love, a number of computers, and stacks of books.

Student Mary: student Mary is a little bit overqualified on paper and underqualified in practice. She was the kind of person who read student handbooks with a guide to extracting the maximum number of letters in the minimum amount of time. She is attempting the PhD.

Reader Mary: Mary doesn't spend as much time with fingers to paper as she used to either. Her taste in reading runs to modern European history, literary fiction, and weblogs.

Writer Mary: Mary is the kind of writer who only writes for RSS feeds, that is, the type of person who'd like to be a writer and isn't. But when she counts on her fingers, she's actually been a non-writer for a long time now.

Worker Mary: Mary used to make most of her money as a programmer, although both teaching and administration also have fed her. Mary is not addicted to code in the same way she is to words but sometimes they overlap. To the extent that she can be described as having a profession, she is either a computational linguist or a regular expression monkey.

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