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Fending off stamp collectors

I don’t collect stamps, but I do always have them on my person. It started back in 2001, when I first received Youth Allowance as a university student. Youth Allowance requires fortnightly income reporting, and this couldn’t be done online … Continue reading

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Sunday spam: porridge and honey

What is cultural appropriation? The problem isn’t that cultures intermingle, it’s the terms on which they do so and the part that plays in the power relations between cultures. The problem isn’t “taking” or “borrowing”, the problem is racism, imperialism, … Continue reading

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Getting a passport in Australia

See Lindsey Kuper on a expedited US passport, here we have another “life in Australia” comparison piece. Step 1: obtain passport form. If you are an adult renewing an existing adult passport that has been expired for less than 24 … Continue reading

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The practical reality of contraception, Australian edition

Background the first: The practical reality of contraception: A guide for men, by Valerie Aurora, about contraception in the US Background the second: A layperson’s intro to paying for healthcare in Australia which I wrote as specific background to this … Continue reading

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A layperson's intro to paying for healthcare in Australia

I wanted to write a comparison post to Valerie’s The practical reality of contraception: A guide for men about the Australian equivalents. However, I realised a background in the Australian healthcare system might be needed. Hence this post. Caution: I … Continue reading

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Tiger Beatdown vs Australia

Tiger Beatdown is perhaps not enormously well known among the Australian poliblogs, mostly because it isn’t one, although one Australian writes for it. But they’ve had a couple of pieces of local interest lately. First in early October Flavia Dzodan … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m against, privacy edition

The ALP’s proposed mandatory ‘clean feed’, see Save the Net, No Clean Feed, Open Internet and, especially if you are going to vote in Victoria in the 2010 Federal election, Filter Stephen Conroy. Recording of email and correspondence history for … Continue reading

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