Saturday 24 May 2014

May is a time of reminiscence for me, again. Two years ago, I was in the final days of preparing my PhD thesis. Last year, I was in the thick of first trimester pregnancy symptoms, wanting to sleep 16 hours a day and eat about half a meal total. I have been reminded of it pretty strongly the last few days. On Thursday I needed to nap from 4 until 6 in the afternoon. It’s another hot May, even more so than last year. Two years ago, the leaves had well and truly turned in my street by this time, … Continue reading Saturday 24 May 2014

Sunday spam: muesli bars and gummy snakes

Muesli bars and gummy snakes are what I ate at about 7am before my recent 9am childbirth… thus thematically appropriate for this small collection of links, some of which I’ve had sitting around for a while. Using WOC in the Natural Childbirth Debate: A How-To Guide. If you are a progressive in the Natural Childbirth Movement (or any other, for that matter), use Africa City women to promote the idea that “natural is better.” Talk about women who toil in the fields, squat down to give birth and return to picking rice. Or peanuts. Or anything else that can be … Continue reading Sunday spam: muesli bars and gummy snakes

Tuesday 14 January 2014

I spent the first week of the year, of course, being pregnant and grouchy. Not coincidentally, V spent it being grouchy and clingy. We did have (at least) one lovely moment. On the Tuesday before V himself was born, Andrew and I drove over to Mona Vale and I floated in the ocean bath feeling huge and happy and still. Admittedly, this narrative is somewhat edited in memory, Andrew reminded me a few weeks ago that while I did indeed do that I also went out in unpatrolled wild surf the same day, although not past the breakers, remembering that … Continue reading Tuesday 14 January 2014


Quick announcement: after a long wait and a short labour, my daughter was born at Westmead Hospital at 9am this morning. We are well and home already. If you are the visiting-us type, we’d welcome visits, probably more from Sunday on than on Friday and Saturday. Emailing or texting Andrew (in preference to me) would be the best way to arrange such things. We haven’t named her yet. Photos and more details will follow, primarily at our parenting blog.

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Reading reflections and resolutions posts is odd when I’m still pregnant. It probably would be even if the baby had been born. I don’t really have to make 2014 happen, or feel that I do. 2014 will largely happen to me. It is now customary for most of the things I read on the New Year to be along the lines of 2013, don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out (or, do let it). Every year is bad and sad out there. For me personally, 2013… wasn’t 2012. The scars 2012 left are still … Continue reading Wednesday 1 January 2014

Thursday 26 December 2013

I’m still pregnant, now past the due date, which is actually more of a reasonable guess at the median than some kind of expiry date. Having had V forcibly evicted (at eleven days overdue, which would be New Years Day for this one) I am quite biased against doing it again, and there are no plans. Julia and Barry took V to my parents’ place on Monday and he’s staying until Saturday. Thus, for the first time in our lives, and probably the last for at least another 15 years or so, Andrew and I spent Christmas alone together. I … Continue reading Thursday 26 December 2013

Sunday Spam: bagels, lox and smoked salmon

In belated honour of my breakfast in New York, Sunday July 8. Baby Loss and the Pain Olympics Warning for baby loss discussion. I really have to question why seeing someone else processing their emotions is her pet peeve. Do I believe a miscarriage and neonatal death is the same thing — of course not. If they were the same thing, they would share the same term. But just because I see them as apples and oranges doesn’t mean that I don’t also see them as fruit. They are both loss. The deadly scandal in the building trade Readers would … Continue reading Sunday Spam: bagels, lox and smoked salmon

Should you give birth privately?

A few people have been researching their options over the last few years about giving birth in Australia, and have asked me what I think about having private health insurance or giving birth in a private hospital. Background: maybe you shouldn’t ask me! I’m not a health professional, I’m a mother of one, and he was born in a public hospital, in which I was a public patient. And now, crucial fact about private hospital cover: it pays much of your hospital stay fees and some of your doctor’s in-hospital fees. It does not pay for private consultations with a … Continue reading Should you give birth privately?

Sunday Spam: apple and cinnamon risotto

Apple and cinnamon risotto is one of Matthew Evans’s recipes in The Weekend Cook. I have some quibbles with that book, mostly that if anyone tries to romance me with the things listed under “romantic weekend” their expectations will be dashed, but this sounded ambitiously tasty. In other news, I’m enjoying the Instaright Firefox add-on, which adds an address bar button and a right-click menu item for sending a link to Instapaper. Still liking Instapaper just fine except that it will only ever send 20 articles to one’s Kindle, and one day I managed to queue up close to 40 … Continue reading Sunday Spam: apple and cinnamon risotto


I dented: I had a baby. There. That’s my year in review post! (I’m enjoying everyone else’s.) A year ago I was already been monitored several times a week in case rising blood pressure resulted in a sick fetus. That started on Boxing Day. A year ago I was keeping a secret pregnancy blog, and in January I created a new tag “over-fucking-due”. (OK, yes, technically “post dates” but since induction came up for me from 38 weeks onwards over-fucking-due was the appropriate sentiment.) Here’s some thoughts from that: January 6: Hornsby’s hospitalisation time for mothers who had a vaginal … Continue reading 2010