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Product review updates: Shoeboxed & GoGet

I had some success in 2012 at subscribing to things that made my life a bit easier to organise, so, a couple of updated reviews. Shoeboxed (original review) What: a service where you package up a bundle of papers to … Continue reading

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Product review: GoGet carsharing

We’ve been non-car owners again for a few weeks and members of GoGet car sharing for a month or so. These are my initial impressions. This is against a background of our car being primarily used for occasional errands, and … Continue reading

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Product review: Shoeboxed

I’ve been using Shoeboxed now for long enough to review it, I think. Problem: as with every adult household, we have lots of incoming documents like bills and super statements and similar, and the high initial overhead on deciding whether … Continue reading

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