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Teach me py.test (Haecksen miniconf, Tuesday)

I didn’t manage to go speaking-free for LCA2013 after all, because I have volunteered to help out my roommate Brianna Laugher with the py.test presentation in the Haecksen miniconf. The plan is that we will do “Teach me py.test” along … Continue reading

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Gain world-wide fame and adoration*

WordPress has an annoying feature of its spam handling, namely that it shows you the entire spam content in the spam comment interface (where one must venture in order to rescue legitimate comments). This is how it works: look at … Continue reading

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A petty rant

See the title? Consider yourself warned. OK, geek culture. I am ambivalent with claiming particular things as being geeky or not in the first place, because half the time I fall outside it. (I’m not a night person, I don’t … Continue reading

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