Sunday 3 January 2016

Our family has an unreasoning love for Wet’n’Wild Sydney so this year we bought season passes for Andrew, V, and me. New Years Eve was our second visit of the season. A was at daycare — her daycare’s usual enrolment is 120 children, and on the 31st 30 showed up — so it was the first time there that one adult wasn’t tied to a pre-water sliding child. It’s also the first season V has passed 120cm in height, which means he is tall enough for all but two rides. And it went pretty well! V is patient enough now … Continue reading Sunday 3 January 2016

Thursday 5 November 2015

It turns out to be hard to write about what you’re doing when a big part of what you are doing is looking for work. But I can say that I set a new family record for short intercontinental trips. Little did we think Andrew’s three nights in Japan last year would be improved upon within the year, but I spent two nights in San Francisco in October. And a night on each side flying diagonally across the Pacific Ocean, of course. I didn’t especially want to be back in San Francisco so soon after August; San Francisco’s still dust … Continue reading Thursday 5 November 2015

Tuesday 14 July 2015

We survived our second school holidays; suddenly V is halfway through his first year of school. And by “survived” I mean “he spent 5 days a week at vacation care rather than 5 days a week at school”. The big impact on my life was needing to walk into the school grounds in order to sign him in in the mornings, required by vacation care and not by school proper. The vacation care centre is even on the school grounds so really the change was minimal, other than that he got to go on excursions most days. The school ought … Continue reading Tuesday 14 July 2015

Monday 8 June 2015

Moving house is an exercise in unlearned helplessness and assumptions. For example: evening, an Esky sitting on our kitchen bench, having transported some of the intermediately perishable contents of the fridge. I asked Andrew if he’d unpacked it. He gave me a strange look and pointed out that he had been sick all day. But, but said my hindbrain… unpacking the Esky is… an Andrew job? The kind of thing that Andrew thinks to do? I’d thought of purchasing the thing, then bought it, then brought it home to be packed. Once I’ve provided the tools, apparently the execution is … Continue reading Monday 8 June 2015

Thursday 4 June 2015

I’ve been thinking about sympathetic magic a lot lately, since we moved house. We lived in Glebe for a bit over three years, starting with a night of calling to two year old V wandering in the wrong direction on the landing searching for us. I finished my PhD thesis almost exactly three years ago, looking out the window over the autumn leaves in the street, just like they looked today when we walked through the empty house for the last time. For a long time, every vendor of food for half the length of Glebe Point Road knew V’s … Continue reading Thursday 4 June 2015

Photo circle shots

I recently ran a “photo circle”, consisting of a small group of people sending prints of their own photographs to each other. It was a fun way to prod myself to take non-kid photos. My four photos were: I took Sun in the eucalypts in the late afternoon of Easter Sunday, as the sun was sinking behind the eucalypts at Centennial Park’s children’s bike track. I tried to take one with the sun shining through the trees but didn’t get the lens flare right. I like the contrast between the sunlit tree and the dark tree in this one. It … Continue reading Photo circle shots

Monday 11 May 2015

When I left you, I was hiding out in my hotel room in San Francisco feeling sad. I did end up having a perfectly nice time, that’s always part of travel too. A highlight was walking through the Mission and running into someone we knew, and then dinner at Bar Tartine. Oh, and chicken and margaritas at Zuni Cafe the following day. It’s possible that I live to eat rather than eat to live. It’s also possible that I’d leave the house a lot more if I didn’t have kids. Travel is my visit into a childfree world. I also … Continue reading Monday 11 May 2015

Thursday 12 March 2015

A few scenes from the end of our week off work: After dropping off a load of computer games we were donating on Thursday (OK, it isn’t only Diablo, Civ IV was a huge part of our lives in the late 2000s, so much so that it seemed like we had purchased more copies than strictly necessary), we went to the cafe at Bathers Pavilion, Balmoral. In the process we remembered why it is we never ever go to Balmoral despite it being so ridiculously beautiful, viz, the traffic on Military Road and the parking at Balmoral itself. But we … Continue reading Thursday 12 March 2015

Storm over Sydney

It stormed every day for a few weeks in December, and I kept missing it: either it didn’t hit my suburb or (on more than one occasion) I was taking a nap. But I finally managed to get some photos: Full set here.

The right to forget, or, that one terrible road stop

I predict that soon the conversation will turn from the right to be forgotten to the right to forget. Why so? Well, now Google Maps now tries to remember places I’ve been and include them in the maps it shows me. The trouble with this (ignoring any petty privacy, commercialisation, misc concerns you may be about to mention to me) is that there are some places that should be forgotten. In particular, all of Western Sydney’s commerce is now represented to me by one service station that we stopped at on a family trip because someone needed to use the … Continue reading The right to forget, or, that one terrible road stop