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HSC notes

These are summaries I made of the English texts I studied for 2 and 3 Unit English in the New South Wales Higher School Certificate, 1998. They are old syllabus summaries now - so there is little comparison based analysis.

In fact, there is very little analysis at all. These are mainly plot summaries with extensive lists of thematic quotes.

Each of these summaries are available under a Creative Commons licence, please see the bottom of each page for details.

Note that that does not mean that you can hand them in for a school assignment -- most plagarism policies require that you hand in your own work except where clearly marked, and even works in the public domain are not the same thing as your own work. Not that I imagine people are getting many assignments to do a scene-by-scene summary of Hamlet anyway.

The licence is intended to allow re-publication and modification.

Last modified: 11 August 2004

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