Andrew will probably burn a Linux distro for me tomorrow. Maybe SuSE. Hopefully he won’t sneakily install it, either because he’d be really interested (and he would be), and because I will stress if anything goes wrong (which I will). Neither is a valid reason to do an install without me present. And in control.

XHTML1.0; Certifications


Got my personal homepage to validate, which is… concerning. Now trying to sell stylesheets (as opposed to formatting with FONT tags and such like) to everyone.


Have discovered I seem to have the power to pass along ‘Apprentice’ certs single-handedly. I discovered this by certifying Judith, due to her being a being documenter. I like documenters :). About to certify farrellj , because he certified me. And claiming to have coined the term ‘Slashdot effect’ deserves credit.

Tuesday 18 July 2000


Wow… I just beat the rush to join.

Diaries, certificates and certification

I notice an unusual number of diary entries today by Observers 🙂 For a few days, I was one of maybe two Observer diary entires there – I guess they tend to get ‘trying hard’ Apprentice certs and blend in more nicely with the other colours.
But most of the diary entires seem to be by Journeyers. I wonder if:

  • Most of the Advogatos (?) are Journeyers or;
  • Most of the people who stay interested are Journeyers.

It does seem that Journeyer or Master is the level you’d settle at. Hacking doesn’t appear to me to be the sort of thing you just ‘dabble’ in every so often – it’s too much work – you either love it or go away and install it.

It would be interesting to know the number of all certificates on the site, and the levels of participation (measured by certification, certifying others, replying to articles, or diary entries) over various time frames by various groups, and the certification of the participants. This site is very much skewed, it appears to me, to the Journeyer level of participation. Is there flexibility to skew it towards the Apprentice level, or Master level? Are the certs pyramidrical, should they be, will they be?

It will be interesting to see what happens. I hope the diary entries don’t scroll too fast – it would stem the trickle of people saying ‘you want a project – here’s a project!’ to me – thanks guys!


Now has a few projects, adding a couple a day.


New computer being paid for today! I’m nearly convinced to use Debian.

Computer; Body


I am getting quotes for a computer, and might be machine-enabled by the end of the week.
Which OS? Do I do the Debian GNU/Linux thing with my partner, the FreeBSD thing with his flatmate, another *BSD, another Linux distro, Windows 🙂 ?
Might have to dual-boot something and Windows to feed my baby RPG addiction.


No longer sore! Fitness – here I come…

Site; Certification; Life


Unchanged – but Telsa sent me a lot of her favourite links. It would be a bit of shame if that’s all I get, since this is Telsa’s dream site, and shouldn’t just be her bookmark file 🙂

Hopefully I’ll do some research on the weekend and track down the stuff lots of people know already – bug reports for the well-known projects.


Thanks for the certifications in advance (or for good intentions) from people! Hopefully it will prove to be merited. *bows humbly*


Judo has been the sport of choice for science geeks at Sydney Uni for a while, and last night I decided to take it up. This morning: ouch!
At least I got to throw Andrew over my shoulder a couple of times.
Anyway, now I am a white belt. 🙂


Well – it’s up. No one has contributed anything – but it only existed as an idea since last night – thanks to Telsa, and as a webpage for a few minutes 🙂

I figure my learning curve about free software projects will be sort of fast – if I don’t get any submissions, I’ll just research it myself. And maybe I’ll find one to code… anyone got a non-urgent project for a proto-apprentice to cut her teeth on?