Code release: Spam All the Links

The Geek Feminism blog’s Linkspam tradition started back in August 2009, in the very early days of the blog and by September it had occurred to us to take submissions through bookmarking services. From shortly after that point there were a sequence of scripts that pulled links out of RSS feeds. Last year, I began cleaning up my script and turning it into the one link-hoovering script to rule them all. It sucks links out of bookmarking sites, Twitter and WordPress sites and bundles them all up into an email that is sent to the linkspamming team there for curation, … Continue reading Code release: Spam All the Links

Viewing attachments when using mutt remotely

Yes, that’s right, I’m still in the dark ages and do not yet use Gmail for my email. Even though it has IMAP and everything. I still use Mutt. I almost always use Mutt locally, using offlineimap to sync IMAP folders to local maildirs. This means I don’t usually have the problem of being unable to view non-text attachments. However, for the next little while I’ll be using Mutt on a remote connection. Don Marti has one solution to this, which assumes that you are accessing the server with Mutt on it via SSH (probably true) and are easily able … Continue reading Viewing attachments when using mutt remotely

Clean up IMAP folders

Per Matt Palmer’s blog entry OfflineIMAP and Deleting Folders users of any mail sorting recipe that creates new mail folders a lot tend to find that over time they accumulate a lot of mail folders for, eg, email lists they are no longer subscribed to. And most IMAP clients will waste time checking those folders for new mail all the time. Matt wrote: Now, of course, someone’s going to point me to a small script that finds all of your local empty folders and deletes them locally then issues an IMAP “delete folder” command on the server. But I had … Continue reading Clean up IMAP folders

Logging into the OSDC wireless network

I have a wireless login script for attendees of OSDC who use Ubuntu, Debian, or anything else that can run scripts on connecting to a network and has essentially the same iwconfig output: eth1 IEEE 802.11g ESSID:”Monash-Conference-Net” Mode:Managed Frequency:2.437 GHz Access Point: 00:13:7F:9D:36:C0 To save some tiny amount of time when connecting to the wireless, stick my osdc-login script in your /etc/network/if-up.d directory or equivalent and give it similar permissions to what’s already in there. You can get the latest version of the script at, or through Bazaar git, with the repository at It’s very small, but feel … Continue reading Logging into the OSDC wireless network