Sunday 15 January 2017

There comes a time in any life partnership where you learnt to recognise the tone behind “Mary, come here?” which means “you need to come urgently, but not in a way that displays visible alarm or it will make the whole situation worse.”

Such it was when Andrew saw what he thought was a cat in our living room, turned on a light, and instead discovered a possum.`Not that a cat would be all that much different in terms of what comes next, it’s just harder to picture a big dark eyed brush tail possum being what gazes back at you. Luckily it was a Sydney possum, so fairly tame, not a rural scared possum or their aggressive introduced cousins in New Zealand. Sydney possums are selective in their aggression; they save it for each other when two or more have got into the same rubbish bin. It wasn’t tame enough to be handled and even if it had been I’d have been uneasy with that, but after a few failed attempts to herd it out the back door it shot upstairs, out our balcony door and into the frangipani. Sydney: native animals and introduced trees.

Otherwise, it’s hot and humid. The sort of hot and humid where the big story about the weather is “we normally have [negligible] days over 35° in Sydney each year and this year we’ve had [really quite a lot]!” This year is the first in many that I haven’t been working from home in an unairconditioned home office so it’s a lot easier to let the days glide on past from my gilded cage. It’s harder to sleep even with airconditioning — Friday night was the hottest January night on record — because of the heat that leeches out of the bed over the course of the night, but of course unairconditioned past Mary is unimpressed with my complaints. So far there’s been precious few Sydney storms to break the tedium.

This is usually the season of ceaseless weekends, and this weekend Andrew and V went to the cricket, and today we went to Greenwich Baths with J, S, and L. But it seems like after our holiday next week we’ll be having a quiet summer. Quiet, and maybe at times a bit cooler, but I rather doubt it.