17 years and through

Since July 21, 2000, I’ve been keeping a diary at this website, chronicling my doings. Here’s an excerpt from entry #1:

[K] asked me to be on a campaign for the Honi 2001 editorial team. Honi is the Sydney University campus newspaper, and the team is determined by popular vote, which means the campaign is dominated by political factions, and the newspaper is edited by the campus left. I am very left in social politics and centre economically according to some quiz I did on the web once, but don’t belong to a campus faction.

I think this team is going to be comprised of people at various stages of left-ness who are unaligned – so it would be very hard to win…

Yes, we did run for Honi Soit editorial board late in 2000. No, we didn’t win.

And yes, seventeen years in, I’m winding up the diary. The last entry will be the one for July 2017.

There’s no one big explanation about why I’m ending it, it’s been in gradual decline for about ten years now, and today’s the day I decided I just don’t want to tell you about my ski holiday in August, gosh darn it. (It was quite good!) Or about my next round of thyroid cancer surveillance. (There will always be thyroid cancer surveillance. Anything could happen!)

Have some little explanations:

  • The diary project, in its waxing and waning, has lasted nearly half my life, that is, the length of time it takes to become almost a different person.
  • 17 years ago, I was just barely someone’s girlfriend. Now I’m someone’s mother and someone else’s boss.
  • The author of the diary it was modelled on died two years ago last month.
  • The parts of my life I want to talk about in a globally accessible public diary have got even smaller than they were in 2000 (and it was never a tell-all in the first place).
  • The time I used to sink into writing I increasingly sink into taking photographs.
  • I always assumed I’d read the diary and reminisce, and I’ve only read any previous entries a total of about three times.

What now?

  • puzzling.org is staying and every so often I’ll post to it.
  • That may sometimes be a story posted about something that happened to me. It will probably be in the ‘Diary‘ section if so.
    If I had to guess how often, I’d guess once or twice a year. But I won’t be trying to write down an ongoing saga of my deeds.
  • I’ll keep my parenting blog, Incrementum, going for some time yet, although attentive readers will note that my older child is into reading and surfing the web age, so I imagine that it also has at most a couple of years to live in anything like its current form. (At which point it too will have been a decade-long project.)

Thanks for following. See you in some other genre.

After sunset, Cid Harbour