Cert saga

25 certifications. 24 (including mine) at Apprentice, 1 at Journeyer. Certification: Journeyer. That’s mainly what is disturbing me about my new fake-cert.

I wonder what malcolm thinks is the cause of the difference in opinion about my contributions to free software.

I wonder also what he heard while I was working in February. I wasn’t working on free software, I was just using it, after all.


Exceedingly scary…

I should have the option of not being able to be certified higher than I’ve certified myself (which I did when I found my new imposter-cert). I realise then some ultra-modest hackers might end up being certified very low… but how many are there…

Work-ety work

Um. Know lots of Python. Must do some problem-hunting in Mailman – suspect it is a GID problem but a re-configure didn’t help. Improved error logging might be good.

Got some tutoring work at uni too. I will aid the young coders on their journey…

Moving house to a five-geek household. Will have cable.


Doing [a certain] kind of work removes my ability to speak properly. Seriously. I attempt to speak through the hyper- attention fog and all the words come out wrong, and the sentences unformed.

Pub crawl

There was a whole lot of references to beer in the linux.conf.au survival guide. So it concluded last night with a pub crawl.

I met more people, mainly from Perth, including mtearle, who realised at some point that I was “the strange person who knows Adrian [k]…” It turned out he’d seen my webpage and …

If Advogato let you calculate degrees of separation there wouldn’t be enough to make it interesting.

Sunday 21 January 2001

Thanks schoen. I’ve read a little bit about hexaflexagons in James Gleick’s Genius, a biography of Richard Feynman.

Unfortunately, they sound something I’d give to someone I like.

New Year’s Eve

… was substantially less painful than the closing ceremony fireworks. Mainly because I wasn’t at Circular Quay, I was at Balls Head. On a narrow rock ledge with a fifteen metre drop to the harbour. That you had to do some dropping and squeezing to get to.

As a result, had one of the best views of the harbour known to humankind.