Computer; Body


I am getting quotes for a computer, and might be machine-enabled by the end of the week.
Which OS? Do I do the Debian GNU/Linux thing with my partner, the FreeBSD thing with his flatmate, another *BSD, another Linux distro, Windows 🙂 ?
Might have to dual-boot something and Windows to feed my baby RPG addiction.


No longer sore! Fitness – here I come…

Site; Certification; Life


Unchanged – but Telsa sent me a lot of her favourite links. It would be a bit of shame if that’s all I get, since this is Telsa’s dream site, and shouldn’t just be her bookmark file 🙂

Hopefully I’ll do some research on the weekend and track down the stuff lots of people know already – bug reports for the well-known projects.


Thanks for the certifications in advance (or for good intentions) from people! Hopefully it will prove to be merited. *bows humbly*


Judo has been the sport of choice for science geeks at Sydney Uni for a while, and last night I decided to take it up. This morning: ouch!
At least I got to throw Andrew over my shoulder a couple of times.
Anyway, now I am a white belt. 🙂


Well – it’s up. No one has contributed anything – but it only existed as an idea since last night – thanks to Telsa, and as a webpage for a few minutes 🙂

I figure my learning curve about free software projects will be sort of fast – if I don’t get any submissions, I’ll just research it myself. And maybe I’ll find one to code… anyone got a non-urgent project for a proto-apprentice to cut her teeth on?