Friday Fanfic: A Piece of the Continent, The Shadow on the King's Roads

Probably a bit more occasional than Sunday Spam, but again, the Kindle does mean I read a bit more of it (AO3 has ePub and MOBI downloads of their fic).

A Piece of the Continent, Hainish Universe: what Genly Ai did after Winter. This is a big act of world-building, and a peaceful story of self- and other-discovery. So, capturing much of the Hainish Cycle’s spirit.

I’ve read it enough times that I have noticed technical problems with the world-building, that has to be a good sign right? (Their reproductive strategy as described makes it impossible to maintain replacement rate. Also, the part with Kiyoshi Dan makes her sound like an old friend, and the vagaries of near-light speed travel make it unlikely to run into them again.)

The Shadow on the King’s Roads, Strange and Norrell: Arabella Strange becomes the chaperon of the Misses Enderwhild of The Ladies of Grace Adieu. It’s nicely in keeping with the tone of JS&MN, and for that matter, with the style of magic in that universe.