Bookmarklet for making Down Under Feminist Carnival submissions

Chally writes:

I don’t know if I’m just doing a bad job of coordinating the Down Under Feminists Carnival or people just do not care about supporting the community, but it’s usually two or three people per month submitting the bulk of the posts, and one of them is me. This would be so. much. easier. if we all pitched in. Why are people not submitting?!

For me, it’s mostly too much work: the sequence is ‘look at page, think of DUFC, look up DUFC URL, copy URL into DUFC form, fill out rest of form, etc.

However, in order to make this easier, I have written a bookmarklet for Firefox. Here’s what to do, if you are a Firefox user:

  • Enter your name and email into the below form. This is the Submitter name and Submitter email that you wish to send with your DUFC submissions.
  • Press ‘Generate bookmarklet’.
  • A link will appear reading ‘Submit this page to DUFC’
  • Right click on that link and select ‘Bookmark This Link’. It may be handy to put it under in your Bookmark Toolbar, but you don’t have to.

Then, whenever you are on a page you wish to submit to DUFC, go to your ‘Submit this page to DUFC’ bookmark. A new window will pop up with much of the submission already filled out for you.

Privacy note: your name and email address are not submitted to my server when you use this form. They cannot be stored, seen, or used except by your own browser on your own computer.

Your Submitter Name:
Your Submitter Email:

Press ‘Generate bookmarklet’ to generate your bookmark.

Technical details

Reading the techical details is not necessary for anyone who simply wants to use the bookmarklet.

The bookmarklet generated is like this:


NAME and EMAIL are simply replaced with URL encoded values of the input name and email by some Javascript embedded in this page. You could do something similar for other carnivals merely by replacing with a different URL. You may use my Javascript embedded under this page under the terms of Creative Commons Zero, that is, without acknowledgement.