Failure to blog: situation normal

Hello long neglected blog. I am actually not going to say I feel bad about not writing, because here’s what I’ve been doing with my time: working on my PhD working on getting the Ada Initiative underway working on a PHP programming contract working on the Linux Australia Council household stuff, like snuggling my boy! I’ll be back more once a few of those things disappear from my life.

Linux Australia Council statement

I’ve accepted a nomination to stand for Ordinary Council Member of Linux Australia in 2011, and here’s my statement. If you have any questions and so on, please let me know! Ideally ask them on the linux-aus list but here is OK too. Voting is at until Jan 26th. You can sign up for free membership there at any time. I actually don’t want people to sign up for the sole purpose of electing me, but if you’re an Open Source developer or community member in Australia the organisation is designed for you. I am keen to help Linux … Continue reading Linux Australia Council statement