Failure to blog: situation normal

Hello long neglected blog. I am actually not going to say I feel bad about not writing, because here’s what I’ve been doing with my time: working on my PhD working on getting the Ada Initiative underway working on a PHP programming contract working on the Linux Australia Council household stuff, like snuggling my boy! I’ll be back more once a few of those things disappear from my life.


I dented: I had a baby. There. That’s my year in review post! (I’m enjoying everyone else’s.) A year ago I was already been monitored several times a week in case rising blood pressure resulted in a sick fetus. That started on Boxing Day. A year ago I was keeping a secret pregnancy blog, and in January I created a new tag “over-fucking-due”. (OK, yes, technically “post dates” but since induction came up for me from 38 weeks onwards over-fucking-due was the appropriate sentiment.) Here’s some thoughts from that: January 6: Hornsby’s hospitalisation time for mothers who had a vaginal … Continue reading 2010