Failure to blog: situation normal

Hello long neglected blog. I am actually not going to say I feel bad about not writing, because here’s what I’ve been doing with my time: working on my PhD working on getting the Ada Initiative underway working on a PHP programming contract working on the Linux Australia Council household stuff, like snuggling my boy! I’ll be back more once a few of those things disappear from my life.


I dented: I had a baby. There. That’s my year in review post! (I’m enjoying everyone else’s.) A year ago I was already been monitored several times a week in case rising blood pressure resulted in a sick fetus. That started on Boxing Day. A year ago I was keeping a secret pregnancy blog, and in January I created a new tag “over-fucking-due”. (OK, yes, technically “post dates” but since induction came up for me from 38 weeks onwards over-fucking-due was the appropriate sentiment.) Here’s some thoughts from that: January 6: Hornsby’s hospitalisation time for mothers who had a vaginal … Continue reading 2010

Baby and startup? Big deal! Or, perhaps, a big deal?

This article originally appeared on Geek Feminism. Years back I read Paul Graham’s How to Start a Startup essay, which includes this footnote: One advantage startups have over established companies is that there are no discrimination laws about starting businesses. For example, I would be reluctant to start a startup with a woman who had small children, or was likely to have them soon. But you’re not allowed to ask prospective employees if they plan to have kids soon. Which, well, OK, I’m not in the business of forcing Paul Graham to start businesses with people he doesn’t want to … Continue reading Baby and startup? Big deal! Or, perhaps, a big deal?

Babies, boobs and rooms full of geek men

This article originally appeared on Geek Feminism. My six week old son has just rolled up his first D&D character, charisma stat 20: Just kidding. I’m actually pretty wary of identifying children of geeks as geeks themselves. They’ll tell us what they are when they’re ready, right? Now that I have my cute kid pic out of the way, what I did want to discuss though is mothering and geeking. Fathering and geeking seems pretty routine in my circles: lots of the Free Software Planets (blog sites) are full of announcements of newborns, pictures of kids shot by photo geeks, … Continue reading Babies, boobs and rooms full of geek men