Monday 31 July 2000


Re the article: I notice a lot of diary entires in the ‘most recent’ list are by Journeyers. A few weeks ago the entries were weighted towards Apprentices and Observers much more. Is this:

  • An abnormal sample?
  • Symptomatic of the fact that over the long term, people who post diaries to Advogato tend to be medium-level free software developers.
  • Symptomatic of Advogato moving away from a certification of free software development towards a certification of Advogatans – if you’re here a lot and talk about free software, and list a project on the projects page, you’re a Journeyer.

Hopefully it’s the second alternative.

New computer hassles – my life as a newbie sysadmin

Had a bad time trying to get Windows to ignore my extended parition (instead of mounting the first 2GB as E: since it couldn’t see any logical drives). Eventually changed the partition type to 85 (Linux extend) and it was happy.
Now trying to uninstall sendmail in favour of exim (oh the dependancy horror…). At the moment, I think the permissions and ownerships are buggered. I think the exim page is down, so I can’t RTFM right at the moment.
Update: That’s OK. It was bad permissions. But now I have to rewrite its init script for SuSE since I installed the Red Hat RPM.