Some fun for 2011

Things I plan to do! visit the Canberra area at some point, as we know several people there and want to spend more time with all of them. I’m currently thinking sometime in March. have someone(s) over for dinner several times, maybe every other month or so. join a gym. I realise this doesn’t fall under the category of “fun” in many of these lists, but YOGA CLASSES and maybe a chance to try pilates and maybe Zumba and free weights. I miss the pool already dammit. occasional shore diving, probably with a local-ish club (Frog Dive?). at long last, … Continue reading Some fun for 2011

My ideal bedroom

From comments elsewhere, I was asked to describe my ideal bedroom: The west wall would consist mostly of glass, and would look over a generous balcony with a little tea table onto my expansive private beach, and from there into the setting sun. The bed would be low to the ground, firm, king sized at least and also about two feet longer than is usual so my feet don’t hang over the end. In the ample room between the bed and the window-wall there would be two yoga mats (also about two feet longer than normal). Behind a discreet sliding … Continue reading My ideal bedroom