Milk Beach, last days

July/August 2021

Starting 5pm Friday July 9, we could only travel within 10km of your home for exercise/recreation in Sydney. I’m not generally a fan of bright-siding these restrictions (“my workaholic husband has ditched the corporate rat race, any chance we could stick with widespread house arrest, it’s been just great for his blood pressure?”) but it does inspire a certain amount of scouring one’s vicinity for places to be. The ocean beaches are all slightly more than 10km as the crow flies from me, but some of the harbour beaches such as Milk Beach remained accessible.

I walked with a friend there during daytime and after that decided that a family excursion at sunset was called for:

Sydney city, late afternoon, from Milk Beach Last light off Sydney City, from Milk Beach Sydney City silhouette after sunset, from Milk Beach

The other reason to frantically find family excursions, as I told my family gloomily, was in case the rules got stricter, which indeed they did, a 5km radius from August 16. So the evening of August 15 we traipsed out once more to farewell Milk Beach for the time being, not, seemingly, the only ones:

Watching the sunset at Milk Beach Last light, Milk Beach

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Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

October 2019

Knowing I was coming up on photos of New York really did a number on my photo processing lo these 18 months.

This one was a trudge, 6km or so from Irvington to Dobbs Ferry. I had hoped to do it on the following day but there was rain forecast (in fact the remanents of Tropical Storm Olga) which saw me taking refuge in the Musuem of Natural History, trudging through there instead.

Weekends are always when the jetlag smashes down. Someday I will have the chance to re-learn that.

It’s a pretty trudge though!

Tracks, Marble Hill Station Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, Irvington Old Croton Aqueduct Trail Crawling roots, Old Croton Aqueduct Trail Autumn living on the Hudson

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