Sunday 15 October 2000

cwinters, another interesting interdisciplinary book is David Deutsch’s The Fabric of Reality – I have no idea how much of it is even remotely sane, but its fun.

Temper, temper…
I have demonstrated yet again that my temper gets in the way of any sysadmining competance I might develop – SuSE’s YAST2 inserted a ^@ in /etc/rc.config somehow before it defines the networking variables and it took ages to figure out why the networking wouldn’t come up. It wasn’t me who figured it out, either. If I upgrade to 7.0 anytime soon, I’ll have to see if that can be reproduced. Now I have to get ssh working…

Having fun bike-riding at the moment. Made a lesuirely little trip around the Sydney Harbour shore near Drummoyne.

The Dish

I too saw it last night – it has been released in Sydney at least jamesh. It was interesting… I’ve never seen that much of the coverage of the Apollo 11 moon landing (it was twelve years before I was born…)

It made me a bit homesick too – I spent most of my life living in Orange, which isn’t too far from Parkes. And yes, the radio telescope really is in the middle of a sheep paddock – well a paddock anyway. And it’s sheep country, so there would have to be sheep somewhere in the vicinity.

Tuesday 3 October 2000

I am growing more and more tempted just to implement a whole lot of parsing and graph search algorithms just to learn stuff – it has to be more fun than website scripting…


I went to see the fireworks in inner city Sydney that concluded the Olympics. The crowd at Circular Quay was incredible – the first time I’ve ever been in a crowd that seemed moments away from disaster. People were pushed so tight together that they couldn’t move except with the crowd, mothers held crying frightened children, and drunken people starting pushing wars that sent the back of the crowd up against the barricades. There were some angry angry people there, and there was no escape during the last hour and a half (we arrived about 4 hours early). There was nowhere to move to, and no way to get out.

Of wierdness and attachment to childhood programming languages

I innocently stumbled upon the KBasic story on slashdot this evening, only to discover that, of the 28 posts with score 2 or over, my boyfriend was the author of eleven of them. I found this concerning…

I have a feeling he’s going to come home, fire up the C64 emulator and reproduce his finest BASIC effort to date:

 10 print "Mary is wonderful" 20 goto 10 

Forgive my syntax errors, I’m innocent I swear! It’s been years…


I wonder why I lost mine. I suppose the graph shifted around a bit, or the weightings were changed. It wuld be interesting to look at how ‘connected’ I am – I think a couple of the people who certified me have certified and are certified by a lot of people. I wonder how the experiment is going – are there any ‘attack clusters’ with lots of internal certifications and few connections to the main graph? How far away from the ‘sun gods’ are the furthest people on the main cluster (six-degrees-of-raph)?

Friday 15 September 2000

jdub mentioned the indifference we show towards people only metres away – that would be me. I can only hope I recognise his face when we meet…


Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn went gold (master cds prepared) today. A sadly significant event in the life of someone who hasn’t finished the original.

Watching bits and pieces of the Olympic Opening ceremony on TV whilst downloading Helix Gnome source so that everyone in my flat using different OSs can build it – maybe.

Site; Larval Hacking; Life/Uni/Student Politics


Well it’s now live at – thanks terral! I’ll do some PHP for it in the next couple of days, probably when I’m at home visiting my parents.

Larval Hacking

Well it’s holiday time at uni on Friday so hopefully I’ll have some time to add some features to various free software programs I use. I doubt I’ll even attempt to get them added to the actual project – it’s just some personal bloat I wish various things had.

Life/Uni/Student Politics

The election for our student newspaper is over. People take it very seriously of course, and of course it doesn’t matter. It’s only every so often you get called ‘liberal-independant scum’. I am always puzzled about how these people have such confidence in being right 🙂


Telsa introduced me to terral , who has offered me some webspace to move my bug site to. Their ulterior motive (I think) is to do research into the adequacy or otherwise of bug reporting, and find out why stuff is not happening that should be. In honour of the occasion I added some more links to it – am having a hard time tracking down SuSE’s bug reporting page or info.


Very busy at the moment trying to get my team elected to the uni newspaper editorship next year. Apparently we shouldn’t attend classes all week to facilitate our chances – I’ve missed too much maths as it is.

This is all requiring about 10% more energy than I possess. Hack-mode would cost me my health if indulged in in the next week 🙂