Work-ety work

Um. Know lots of Python. Must do some problem-hunting in Mailman – suspect it is a GID problem but a re-configure didn’t help. Improved error logging might be good.

Got some tutoring work at uni too. I will aid the young coders on their journey…

Moving house to a five-geek household. Will have cable.


Doing [a certain] kind of work removes my ability to speak properly. Seriously. I attempt to speak through the hyper- attention fog and all the words come out wrong, and the sentences unformed.

Pub crawl

There was a whole lot of references to beer in the survival guide. So it concluded last night with a pub crawl.

I met more people, mainly from Perth, including mtearle, who realised at some point that I was “the strange person who knows Adrian [k]…” It turned out he’d seen my webpage and …

If Advogato let you calculate degrees of separation there wouldn’t be enough to make it interesting.

Sunday 21 January 2001

Thanks schoen. I’ve read a little bit about hexaflexagons in James Gleick’s Genius, a biography of Richard Feynman.

Unfortunately, they sound something I’d give to someone I like.

New Year’s Eve

… was substantially less painful than the closing ceremony fireworks. Mainly because I wasn’t at Circular Quay, I was at Balls Head. On a narrow rock ledge with a fifteen metre drop to the harbour. That you had to do some dropping and squeezing to get to.

As a result, had one of the best views of the harbour known to humankind.

Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas…

… to certain proportions of the Earth.

Never ever…

… give your nearest and dearest software for Christmas. Especially games. Otherwise you’ll be posting to Advogato waiting for video drivers to download on Christmas morn, oh yes you will…


USyd has a subject called Programming Practice which was examined today. I guess I shouldn’t really have been answered the nasty question about function overloading, with inheritance and templates and so on, by guessing, but g++ told me later I guessed right 🙂

This year was meant to focus more on Programming Practice (duh) than the intricacies of C++, but the intricacies of C++ it was, and so be it.


Added links for Perl, Python, Finance::Quote, GCC, OpenOffice, MySQL, PostgreSQL and PHP.

It’s getting to the stage where it needs to be re-organised, CVS-ified (there are a couple of people who ought to be able to modify) and script-ified.

This will happen after exams.