Certification (and Nomic); The Dish

Certification (and Nomic)

Thanks schoen. Probably I don’t deserve Journeyer in any field due to the Nomic game – its run over email and the list hasn’t worked for two months. That’s a summer job! I have considered trying to automate the Nomic game actually – but it involves modifiying certain rules, some of which are immutable (we play off the initial ruleset, and haven’t gotten rid of immutable rules). I think possibly a new games could start off a mod_virgule base though…

The Dish

I’ve heard the true story jamesm links to before – someone currently working at Parkes spoke about it in an interview on Radio National. He didn’t sound as nonplussed as the Honeysuckle Creek person did. I think Honeysuckle Creek had the moon walk all to themselves too – Armstrong’s decision to walk early meant the moon was below the horizon at Parkes. That certainly doesn’t happen in the movie 🙂