What's going on here?

This new blog is brought to you by a lot of angst™. I’ve been keeping two comment-free blogs for over ten years now, and I feel ready to join the brave new world of, oh, 2001 or so and have conversations occasionally. Or even, often! The same is true of my other diary-style blog, but for various reasons I am not changing that yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

I also realised that a lot of the reason I feared adding comments was because of the unsolicited and usually inappropriate advice I get through email, especially on my technical blog. I realised as if by revelation that the vast majority of this is due to its appearance on Planet Linux Australia. So, now nothing I write will appear there. If you want to read my writing, you can seek it out.

I’ll import my archives in due course, I don’t feel a lot of urgency on that.