Well, here we are (the key of WordPress)

After much, much too long, I’ve finally stopped hosting puzzling.org on a custom CMS that only I was using. It’s now on WordPress.

I’ve owned the domain since 2000 and this is the first time it hasn’t been run on code I wrote myself, even though my enthusiasm for maintaining the software that ran it disappeared at least five years ago. However, so did my enthusiasm for migrating it, so the code had to soldier on for a bit.

This is the final piece of a (slight) simplification of my web presence that’s been ongoing for about that same five years. Here’s the rundown:

  • mary.gardiner.id.au is my professional website
  • puzzling.org remains the home of my personal “online diary” (it was a couple of years old before I even heard the word “blog”) and also of the kind of content that used to appear at lecta.puzzling.org. All the content from lecta.puzzling.org has been imported.
  • incrementum.puzzling.org is my parenting diary, separate partly for tone and partly for historical reasons (I had a lot of childfree-and-child-bored ‘net friends at the time V was born, not so many now…)

3 Replies to “Well, here we are (the key of WordPress)”

  1. I presume this is related to rather.puzzling.org having just become unresolvable? I’m not home to be able to troubleshoot now, but guess the timing is about right.

    If so, and since I never paid you for your services, I was wondering whether you could kindly reenable it (um, if you’ve lost the parameters, so have I, for now… – delegated to one of the zoneedit.com servers I think), and let me know if I owe anything.

    Otherwise, let me know and I’ll port everything over.


  2. Or both my (free) name servers are down. Sigh, I really need to find a new provider – they’ve been getting worse over the years.

    And also, 15 years ago, I would have given you a carton of beer or cider or whatever, but since then you’ve grown up and I still have no idea, so I still owe you the grownup equivalent of a few cartons of beer or cider or whatever.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Let’s take it to email from here, please. I’ve emailed you at the address you used on these comments.

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