"Just leave if you don't like it"

A note on the arguments following Mark Pesce’s keynote. There’s one in particular that bugs me: “just leave if you don’t like it.” The thing is, it isn’t normal at linux.conf.au (unlike at a Bar Camp) to just exit a talk from, say, the front section in the middle of a row. Unless you are at the very edge of the room, it’s considered rude to just leave, to the point where some speakers or session chairs might actually yell at you. (I had university lecturers do that.) And I suspect LCA, for organisational reasons as well as for speaker … Continue reading "Just leave if you don't like it"

linux.conf.au 2011: dinner activities

linux.conf.au has a charity auction over dinner. There are various failure modes: it’s a year of big corporate budgets, so bidding reaches about $5000, no one else can compete, and then it stops it’s not a year of big corporate budgets, so bidding reaches about $500 from a private individual and then it stops bids aren’t high enough, so there is some pressure for someone to donate something precious. This was how Bdale Garbee ended up being shaved by Linus Torvalds at linux.conf.au 2009. This can be fun, but it also at least tweaks and sometimes outright triggers people’s fear … Continue reading linux.conf.au 2011: dinner activities

linux.conf.au 2011: lightning talk take homes

As usual some rather important things went on in the lightning talks. Rusty Russell got irritated at Geoff Huston’s “IPocalypse” keynote (which argued that the last minute no-options-left switch to IPv6 runs the risk of IPv6 being outcompeted by a closed solution) and he got coding. The result is a CCAN module (so, C code) to support simultaneous IPv4 and IPv6 connections, thus not penalising either. He’ll fix the dependency’s licence shortly. It might not work perfectly yet. Donna Benjamin is trying to raise $7500 to get The National Library of Australia to digitise The Dawn, Louisa Lawson’s journal for … Continue reading linux.conf.au 2011: lightning talk take homes

linux.conf.au 2011: Day 1

Slow first day for me. I had a stressful Sunday getting a toddler to the airport on my own and Andrew has just flown in from the US. We weren’t very impressed with our hotel, iStay River City. For starters, it has extremely limited keys. Many, but not all, rooms have two keys, which would be hard enough with four adults per room, but one of the keys for our room is missing, which means one key (and suggests that somewhere out there a former guest still has a working key to our room). The hotel reception wasn’t even sympathetic. … Continue reading linux.conf.au 2011: Day 1

LCA2011: unofficial planet

In lieu of an official Planet site for LCA2011, I’ve set up an unofficial one. http://lcaplanet.puzzling.org/ Q. I want to be on it! If you would like to add your own blog to the site, please see http://conf.linux.org.au/wiki/Planet for info and contact me in comments if it doesn’t work out. Q. What happens when there is an official planet? I’ll add 301 redirects as appropriate as soon as an official planet is announced. Q. Wait, can this BE the official planet? LCA organisers, I’m happy to be the official Planet if it makes things easier for you. Get in touch … Continue reading LCA2011: unofficial planet

LCA2011: preliminary picks

One week to go and the conference is definitely going ahead. Here’s my early plans for spending my time at LCA. I should note that my husband and our one year old son will be in Brisbane, and for various reasons I won’t be doing a lot of socialising at night. Anyone for lunch? Monday I’ll mostly be at the Haecksen miniconf, but also potentially interested in: various talks in the “Freedom in the cloud” miniconf An Approach to Automatic Text Generation, Brianna Laugher Practical Go Programming, Andrew Gerrand (PS, Brianna, how many talks is it physically possible for you … Continue reading LCA2011: preliminary picks

A unicorn races around the world before the truth has got its boots on

Background: the Haecksen miniconf is a one day event at Australia’s linux.conf.au Linux conference in January highlighting women and women in Open Source tech and community. It’s been running since 2007: I was the one who founded it (under the name “LinuxChix miniconf”, it was changed by Joh Clarke for the January 2010 event). The current logo of the miniconf is of a unicorn driving a robotic Tux penguin (the latter being the logo of Linux), you can see it at the Haecksen miniconf site. This year’s organiser Lana Brindley planned to sell t-shirts for the event, which had the … Continue reading A unicorn races around the world before the truth has got its boots on

linux.conf.au 2011 call for papers

We’re seeking a wide range of papers across the whole spectrum, encompassing programming and software to desktop and userland, education, community and law… Some typical topics (but not limited to these) include: Aspects of kernel development, including recent data structures and algorithm developments Database and File system developments Desktop topics, covering aspects of the user experience Networking topics, from device drivers to servers Novice user’s introduction to exploring FOSS Professional development, including Software Engineering & System Administration techniques Scalability, both embedded and enterprise Development topics, including concurrency and toolchain advancements Open Source Software usage, including business, education & research Graphics … Continue reading linux.conf.au 2011 call for papers