Blogging and blogging software

It used to be a bit of a tradition among people I know to have about one hundred million unfinished web projects hanging around on various accounts we’d all forgotten the passwords to.

I’m not as bad as that, I tend to have old, finished, but badly badly in need of a redesign, projects, that move between hosts when I do.

In fact, my oldest web project, the Discriminant Boy stories, has gone through abut six design iterations and is still in fact hanging around on the web, having escaped the black hole of geocities, and of a user account, and now having its own subdomain. My personal website has been through about four design iterations and about six content iterations, and has now stabilized, pending me writing my own personal mega content management system for it.

This blog originates in me wanting to do some non-fictional writing, and not being able to do it in my online diary, because the tone and content established in the diary now restrict it to being my day-to-day life. It took about a year to move from idea to reality.

I did the basic site design, inspired by the GIMP adding all the hot colours to the eye logo, about seven or eight months ago, but gave up before I began coding.

About a month ago, I searched freshmeat for blogging software and found such a banquet of it that I couldn’t be bothered sampling them all to actually make a choice. I decided writing my own might actually be faster.

It took the old trick of stuvac to get it to a launch phase. I was, and am, procrastinating an essay you see.

Anyway, I now have a rather cute codebase, which I will tidy up and release – fancy that. I’m tempted to try and get it onto freshmeat, just to further annoy people who want to download some blogging software for their site. It’s probably going to have version numbers attached to it.

I’m worried that writing for it might not be as much fun as coding it was, and for me, that’s a serious, serious statement.