Monday 23 February 2004

Today the first pain of RSS-as-anything-at-all bit me, with someone on Planet Twisted embedding very wide text in <pre> tags, causing (for most viewers, not for me) the main column to expand to the right to accomodate the rogue <pre>.

I got a nice mail suggesting that the cross browser fix for this is to convert:

 <pre> blah  blahblah blah</pre> 


 <div style="font-family:monospace;"> blah&nbsp;&nbsp;blahblah<br> blah</div> 

(There’s not meant to be a line-wrap in that second example, but I’m being kind to the Planet Twisted readers &mdash oh, rendering HTML in HTML is hard!)

But let’s face it, fixing other people’s HTML for them is nightmarish. Start with <pre> tags, end up with… well, writing a complete HTML parser/sanitiser for Planet. So I’m being a wimp and not doing it. I hope.