Saturday 12 June 2004

The extended absence of has finally goaded me into doing what I’ve considered doing for ages on and off: moving my tech log to a server I control. I’m sure I’m far from alone too, especially since posters showed up frequently on the Planets. I may work out some way of cross-posting, but I’m not sure anyone read the advogato version of this. It appears on various aggregators, hopefully they will all point at the new version soon.

Who would have thought that would be at all close to in reliability?

Moving my tech log, or at least the bits of it that I had archived on my desktop, helped me iron out a bunch of kinks in Backwards too. It’s coming along nicely and maybe I’ll even do a tarball release and suggest it to the unwary on #twisted.web in a few months. Still, I had to change a large amount of code just to get it to let me use two logs with one install, so perhaps it isn’t quite that sound yet.

Incidentally, a side-effect of this is that entries I make on eyes will no longer appear on LinuxChix Live. You can subscribe to it directly if you’re interested though.