Trip planning: finale

You know, this really ought to be called my "misc log" not my "tech log". But I’m sure you all understand that that would mean I might start posting quizzes. Hence, I can only continue to apologise for being off-topic on my own damn website.

Trip planning: finale

Lookit! Look! We have a final itinerary, at least as far as Asia. I’m likely to move about a bit using this as a base, Andrew will be tied down by his need for an umbilical cor… Internet access.

8th August
Andrew in London
20th August, 21st August
I arrive in San Francisco from Sydney on the 20th, Andrew arrives from London on the 21st. (Something to note here is that the 20th is our fifth anniversary. Observe that not only will I have a lonely anniversary, I will also have a rather long one, thanks to crossing the date line that day.) At this stage we’re intending to spend a few nights in San Francisco and then a few more nights at Stanford, but… this depends on people at Stanford.
26th August
30th August
New York
2nd September
7th September
London. Well, London for Andrew, I’m currently planning on visiting Scotland and France as well as whatever bits of England sound like a good idea at the time. Don’t expect a firm itinerary for that, I only do these things for other people’s benefit. For the good of my own soul, I intend to travel at a whim, or at least the whim of the Pound.
1st October
Palma de Mallorca. Yes, this is a somewhat odd choice of location in Spain, but we found somewhere to stay with wireless ‘net access. What can you do?
23rd October
Prague. The thing in the Austrian mountains fell through. I maintain my sanity by reassuring myself that there are plenty of other fish in the sea and mountains to be seen. But opinions of Prague are uniformly good, if you ignore the travel advice about crime — hey it’s not their job to sell the place. And Andrew likes the cold…
13th November
Bangkok. Yes, it’s terrible isn’t it? Hopefully we can get out of Bangkok as soon as possible and spend a few weeks elsewhere in Thailand and possibly neighbouring countries.
28th November
Sydney — although Andrew will, I guess, have another overseas meeting in December, so goodness knows how this will work for him.

While the time has now past to say things like "hey, you know, Russia is an excellent destination" we’d still appreciate hearing from anyone in or near these areas who’d like to meet up, and also of interesting things to see (natural beauty is great, I like historical sites and Andrew wouldn’t say no to art galleries…) in areas near those listed.

This is, I hope, the last time I’ll post this publically. At some point in the future you can look forward to me having something meaningful to say about these places.