Stuff that’s wrong with my laptop; Python-centric distro

Stuff that’s wrong with my laptop

For the record (my record):

  • wireless card (ipw2200) seems to lose connectivity after a certain period of use, never fixed by a module reload, occasionally fixed by a full reboot;
  • irssi + screen + gnome-terminal have a well known (informally) bug where they “turn the screen blue” instead of rendering properly, occasionally fixed by detaching and reattaching screen;
  • irssi + screen + gnome-terminal have a little known bug — I produce it regularly if not deterministically on multiple machines, noone else has ever heard of it — where the “turn the screen blue” bug also causes gnome-terminal to immediately chew through about a minute’s worth of CPU time (causing, as a side effect, my fan to spin up and laptop to heat up noticably); and
  • sound doesn’t work yet, although having two devices show up in gnome-alsamixer, plus two mics, is confusing me.

For fairness’s sake: yay X autodetect, yay, yay, yay!

Python-centric distro

Got a semi-targeted mail from the people who allege they have no name to me in my capacity as maintainer of the defunct Sydney PIG. Glad most distros don’t do that. It’s the old universalisation problem: if everyone did it, it would definitely be a problem.