Irritants; Shiny things


  1. Our host’s wireless router, whose default DHCP lease is 30 seconds. That’s sure to fill one’s logs, asking for a new IP address every 30 seconds. I discovered recently though that if you specify a lease time, any lease time, it gives you about 40% of that time. There’s some amusement to be had from that if you aren’t nicely sending DHCPRELEASE, but at the moment I am settling for a lease of 852 million seconds. And counting.
  2. Nautilus, which I’m trying to use regularly, not just for reasons of sympathetic magic, but because it is indeed useful to manipulate pictures by dragging and dropping thumbnails. (A future project is a fairly hard-core script for resizing pictures en masse because the g-scripts ones don’t talk gnome-vfs. Wait on this one, I need to learn pygtk.) However, the usefulness is being offset by the incredible number of bugs, mainly related to frozen redraws or uninformative and occasionally wrong error messages, that manifest themselves every time I try and use it for non-local file access.

Shiny things

  1. Ubuntu’s "Human" icon theme (you may have to explicitly choose this). So many happy talking faces in one X-Chat icon, I can hardly believe it.