I’m averaging about two bug reports every time I try and use Nautilus at the moment: in particular, I have not ever successfully gotten it to talk ssh to a remote server for more than about a minute. I get a lot of ‘seems perfectly stable to me’ replies from upstream, and a lot of ‘yeah, doesn’t everyone know that Nautilus/gmone-vfs don’t really do SSH?’ from everyone else.

But it doesn’t matter anyway, because apparently every time I fill in one of those helpful "your application has crashed, inform developers?" dialog boxes, the bug reporting tool just eats the report. And this is a good thing, because it saves them from ‘otherwise useless’ bug reports.

So I think I’ll save my breath to cool my porridge from now on. In particular, the next time I see someone talking about how Nautilus is amazing if only all these CLI bound nerds would consider using the mouse, I’ll have a quiet laugh to myself and continue using scp, rsync and unison, which I have never ever ever seen crash and file an otherwise useless bug report in my head.