Note to self

<spiv> Ok, another upgrade, this time for universe. This should be the last net connection-choking thing I do today.
<spiv> Uh, weird. It self-aborted mid-download.
* spiv lets aptitude just do whatever.
<spiv> Ah, fuck.
<hypatia> ???
<hypatia> *suspense*
<hypatia> ???
<spiv> dpkg segfaulted, and now the machine has hung.
<spiv> *sigh*
* spiv sysrq reboots.
<hypatia> Ew, suck
<hypatia> Maybe you should have done the whole thing at once??
<spiv> Possibly, but I wouldn't think so. Anyway, I'm fscking to make sure it's not like the weird error I saw on trogdor.
<spiv> Anyway, file this one away for next time you feel like computers only hate you 🙂
<spiv> They hate everyone 🙂

Consider it noted.


<spiv> Ah, kernel BUG during fsck.
<spiv> I'll try without the proprietary NVidia module, then I'll try vanilla 686.

Just for reference, he’s trying to upgrade an underclocked (long story) Athelon machine with a August 2004-ish snapshot of Debian sid to Ubuntu Hoary (as of today). Um, don’t try this at home… ?