Twisted 2.0; More on conferences

Twisted 2.0

It was released. And that‘s exactly what I would have said about it too. So handy to have people to take care of these things.

More on conferences

The revival of the "why do you/don’t you go to tech conferences?" discussion on LinuxChix reminded me of my response last time: an article on making your conference website accessible to the conference-naïve (who aren’t necessarily undesirable speakers). If you’re interested in attracting proposals from any group that isn’t currently represented (be they women or QA people or whatever) your conference does need to make a special effort to aim its website and all other publicity at outsiders. Insiders just need the conference dates and the closing date for the Call For Papers. Outsiders need everything spelt out: what’s a ‘paper’ in this context? how long is a talk? what’s the selection process?