Saturday 30 April 2005

Hackergotchi heads for LinuxChix Live

I’m planning to add the disembodied heads used by Planet GNOME and Planet Debian to LinuxChix Live.

They’re completely optional, but here are the specifications:

  • the head image must be of your face;
  • the head should be no larger than 80×80; and
  • the head image should be GIMPed up as per this page (see also the other Planets).

If you need help with turning a photo into a floating head, contact me and I’ll pass your request along to the GIMP course, who I’m sure would have some fun with it.

Use of a hackergotchi head on LinuxChix Live will be entirely optional, but they can be fun and it makes it all seem a bit more personal to have more than names.

Email them to my contact address on the LinuxChix Live site itself.

Hackergotchi heads for Planet Twisted

Thanks to Chris, who started the trend, we’ve tended to use child heads for Planet Twisted. This is kind of a tough ask because most people have to hassle their mother for cute baby photos, but if you can supply me with the lil’ Twisted goo, I can add it.