LinuxChix Live redesign; Priorites

LinuxChix Live redesign

I redesigned the LinuxChix Live site using some of the ideas from Seth Nickell’s Planet GNOME design (see his rationale). I’ve used bits and pieces of the main site’s colours with help from the colour scheme generator, although I think I should have used the colour mixer instead. I quite like the design, but it’s a bit ambitious for a colour-impaired person like me.


I’m rearranging my commitments to Open Source (etc etc) projects a bit, so that I don’t burn out before I actually do anything.

It works out like this:

  • Ubuntu Documentation Team: I’m completely dropping out of this. I found myself not only skimming the mailing list, but actually failing to read it, and that’s always a bad sign. This means effectively dropping my remaining involvement in the Ubuntu community and giving up all chance of ever appearing on Planet Ubuntu, but having a planeting motivate me is a bad idea.
  • Twisted: Still intend to work on its documentation in the usual fits and spurts. Would like to coordinate a reviewing effort, but I don’t see that taking off very speedily.

  • Community Code: This is looking like a huge effort to turn it into something with real mentoring, rather than another version of Sourceforge’s help wanted board. It’s the reason why I gave up on the Ubuntu doc team now rather than soon.

I’m beginning to suspect it’s time to rearrange my contributions so that they include code. But not right now.