Aussie Twisted Sprint, fit the second

After a successful Twisted sprint in Tasmania in April, we’ve decided to do a followup. There are all kinds of bad sequel jokes people are making about this one. Twist Harder?

Details: it will be another sprint on the Twisted codebase, docs and/or closely related things. It will be another Friday—Sunday deal. It will be somewhere in Sydney. We will be working on documentation, and most likely on further tidying of the VFS layer from the last sprint and perhaps some porting or merging (I don’t know where that was up to).

The date is still preliminary so now is the time to give me feedback on it. (The constraints are: August, and don’t clash with OSCON 2005.) But the date is currently down as 19th–21st August 2005. The date should be confirmed very soon.

I’m going to apply for a Linux Australia grant for it in a week or so when we firm details up a bit, so transport (domestic airfares) and accommodation sponsorship may be possible. Watch this space.