Hackergotchis on Wikipedia

I remember years back when my only exposure to the hackergotchi was Jeff’s head, which was his custom icon for his desktop “Home” link and I think the subject of an abortive perkypants redesign.

Then there was Planet GNOME and hackergotchis took off and now they have their own Wikipedia entry. This leads to the question of which is now more relevant to documenting geek culture: Wikipedia or the Jargon File? Mind you, I might not be the best judge: Wikipedia actually gets bonus points with me for being about other stuff too.

Also, for the first time I feel bad for having my near waist length hair cut off three years ago. I can’t be part of the new experiments in long haired hackergotchis. This problem has several solutions, and no clear winner amongst them:

  • the ‘crop the image’ solution: Katie and Claudine;
  • the ‘put the hair up’ solution: Erinn and Hanna (I’d be interested to see a male version of this…);
  • the ‘my hair has equal status with my face’ solution: gicmo;
  • the ‘my hair is more important than the image size limit’ solution: Amaya; and
  • the ‘noone’s volunteered any recent photos anyway’ solution: Andrew. (Actually, I have a good one of his face obscured by SCUBA that I took about 15m underwater, but unfortunately I was too close and didn’t get a complete head.)