Things I learned by being offline for two weeks

  1. I don’t actually dislike reading blogs and mailing lists, but I don’t miss them when they aren’t there. I’d say that this might lead up to minor purges, but last year’s purges were so ruthless that the only thing left to purge might be going online at all.
  2. Actually, scratch that, I’m happier without IRC.
  3. I do confess to worrying that some kind of awful tragedy in the lives of people I know that I ordinarily would have been informed of via the net. (I did hear about an arrest in Thailand, but if there’s anything more recent than that, um, I probably haven’t heard.)
  4. Noone calls my mobile to see what I’m up to and where the hell I’ve got to.
  5. I did get an SMS invite to an NYE party I couldn’t get to though, so that’s OK.