LiveJournal and planets; Planet todo

LiveJournal and planets

For some as yet not well explained reason, LiveJournal has changed their URLs so that each user has their own subdomain.

The upshot of this is that the Planet software has now moved some LJ users entire feed (last 15 or 20 entries) to the top of the planets they’re on. Sorry about that, LinuxChix Live and Planet Twisted. You can bump them off by writing more entries…

Actually, given that planet is kind of evil about redirects, it might be better to edit one’s planet config, so that all feed addresses that looked like become (or if the username began with _ or -, or see the announcement for information about whatever the hell is going on with communities).

Planet todo

Speaking of the Planet software:

  • It needs a complete go-over to convince it to dump as little as possible into RAM at various points. My two planets each take up to 40MB of RAM during generation. Potential problems include: feedparser does not stream; templating software does not stream. But even with those limitations, it shouldn’t be loading the complete cache of all entries from all blogs at once.
  • Redirection code may need fixing.