Blog Day

It’s Blog Day, or at least, it was, I was alerted to it late and timezones don’t help. Anyway, the idea is to recommend other people’s blogs. I’ve done this before for the Australian blog awards, so I’ll stick to new discoveries and people to whom I am not related:

The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl

I know I have a number of readers who really don’t like reading about weight loss or dieting (mostly for political reasons or because it’s triggering), and so I’ll warn that if you don’t want to read about weight loss or dieting, you shouldn’t read Diet Girl. DG — she’s actually Shauna Marsh, the author of perennial Australian super-blog favourite What’s New Pussycat, but only outed herself as Diet Girl recently, due to having made the press — is not totally unaware of or unsympathetic to pro-fat or health at any size arguments… but she’s obviously personally rejected some of them.

That said, the reason I’m recommending it to untriggered folk is that, well, it’s Shauna Marsh and it’s the same mash of silly moments, minor neuroses and general fun.

Obsidian Wings

This is one of those cheating ones where I’m recommending something that’s a lot more popular than I am (2–3 orders of magnitude, I’d say, in the case of OW). But just in case it isn’t well known to Australian readers: if you’re interested in US domestic politics and international relations from what would count as the soft-left point-of-view as judged in the US you could do worse than following at least Hilzoy’s and Katherine’s posts.

Making Light

Again with the super-blogs, sorry. But I read Making Light for one of the minor sideshows: Jim Macdonald’s posts on first aid and emergency treatment. You can grab the lite emergency-only Making Light from my feed.

The Carnival of Feminists

Cheating again, but in a different way: this is a carnival of blogs, not a blog itself. Go to the sidebar for the action.

I’m surprised that the carnival thing hasn’t crossed over into Free Software blogging. In any case, the idea is that each week or fortnight or whatever, a chosen blogger hosts a ‘carnival’: a round-up of the best posts fitting under a certain umbrella. There seem to be a lot of them, but this is the one I read, because it touches on issues I’m perpetually interested in: posts on sexual harassment, women’s roles as homemakers and workers, sex, that kind of thing.


Divster is the best general purpose scuba diving blog I read, the others are mainly holiday fantasy blogs about diving in South-East Asia. Non-divers should at least check out their Flickr pool This is Why We Dive and also their competition to pick the real close encounters with sharks.