Transactions of the Royal Society

The various transactions and proceedings of The Royal Society are now online, dating back to Philosophical Transactions, starting in 1665. I should download some of Turing’s papers and have a look, but I can’t get past The Motion of the Late Comet Praedicted, An Account of a Very Odd Monstrous Calf and An Observation Imparted to the Noble Mr. Boyle, by Mr. David Thomas, Touching Some Particulars Further Considerable in the Monster Mentioned in the First Papers of These Philosophical Transactions in Volumes 1 and 2 of Philosophical Transactions.

Get them while they’re hot, access will stop being free in December. (I’m unclear about how that works with the older articles which shouldn’t be under copyright any more. Perhaps Project Gutenberg can, or even has, transcribed some of the articles. They don’t seem to index by journal name.)