Final evaluation of edgy

Original complaint Bug number Fixed? Remaining sadness level
If you type words into the address bar, the epiphany browser no longer treats them as search terms for Google, it instead treats them as a bad URL. 56610 No Moderate, although I only realised that this was a bug, rather than the spinning wheel of dubiously user friendly UI changes, yesterday.
Aptitude… is now incredibly slow to resolve dependencies 51893 Yes None
GNOME reports that CPU scaling is not available on my machine Wasn’t one, I didn’t have powernowd installed N/A None
Network Manager can’t always tell the difference between wired and wireless cards 59981 Yes Moderate, fixing this one has just made the intermittant appearances of 40125 more obvious, but somehow I find 40125 less irritiating.
X can’t always… work [actually, probably a bug in vbetool, causing rendering glitches on resume from suspend] 60882 Officially no, but I see it occur way less often now, maybe not at all since Edgy released. Low, since I see it so seldom. It’s really annoying when it does pop up though.
Nevow is completely useless, won’t even import properly in Python 61423

No Moderate. It turns out (and by it turns out I mean I figured out) you can install the Nevow 0.9 package from Debian unstable and it will work just great. But if Nevow isn’t supported even to the point of shipping an importable Python package, why is it still in Ubuntu’s main? This enhances my sadness level.
When I attach my Canon IXUS 65 to my computer via USB, Import Photos reports Could not claim the IO device. 64146 Yes, or at least they say so and it works for me, but people are still adding to the bug. Low, and only because I keep getting the bug mail about it.

Anyway, on the balance it worked out that Edgy is reasonably stable. Still no Breezy, but as stable as Dapper on my desktop. And I am asking for trouble playing with Network Manager. How I wish to smite things when stuff that used to work just fine stops for a while though. And I’m not using it on my servers: one of them is currently running a four month experiment and I don’t want to reboot it (the experiment is interruptable, but it takes about a day to recover from interruptions); and the other one runs a couple of Nevow sites and I’d prefer to use a supported package. Or at least supported.