Feisty beta upgrade report

I’m sure everyone is just dying to see me upgrade Ubuntu again after it went so well last time, so, as Ubuntu 7.04 (codename Feisty Fawn) went beta last night, I have upgraded my laptop.

Things that currently seem to work just fine that I tend to worry about on upgrades:

  1. Ability to read photos from my camera over USB
  2. Suspend to RAM
  3. Network manager
  4. Power management in general
  5. gnome-session

Things I haven’t tested:

  1. Hiberate to disk
  2. Network Manager’s three million race conditions all meaning that it needs to be fully restarted after any resume

Bug fixes that I’m really hoping are genuine: 68818, 61423 and 49221.

Pipe dreams (stuff that I haven’t even worked out how to think about doing):

  1. Getting Network Manager to automatically choose a network appropriately even if, for example, I haven’t logged in the ‘mary’ user, which has bitten me a few times trying to give people (houseguests) a user account on my laptop and be able to sleep while they check their email.

Andrew ran into two very annoying problems: he used the recommended upgrade tool (update-manager) rather than aptitude to do the update and:

  1. Bug 73463: update-manager in its infinite wisdom decided that custom apt sources should be replaced with archive.ubuntu.com. In our case this meant that Andrew didn’t download packages via our apt-proxy install which meant that when I went to download them this morning, I had to download them all again rather than getting any cached versions. (Attention US residents: bandwidth is still not infinitely fast nor priced at a flat rate everywhere yet). It also means that all of Andrew’s non-main repository software (such as things in universe, the less well supported packages), got removed.
  2. an Apache fast-cgi package upgrade failed, which managed in turn to crash update-manager, which then couldn’t be restarted because update-manager relies on dbus, and dbus was in the process of being upgraded at the time of the crash. (He had to finish the upgrade with aptitude in the end.)