To ‘chillax’

Chillax: To chill … and relax.

No, I don’t really understand the subtle differences between chilling [out] and relaxing that require fusion into a new word either. But there you go. I first picked up the term from Paul Cook‘s talk at PACLING 2007 based on his paper Automagically Inferring the Source Words of Lexical Blends (where a ‘lexical blend’ is what I would have called a ‘fusion’, that is ‘chillax’ from ‘chill’ and ‘relax’ or indeed ‘automagically’ from ‘automatically’ and ‘magically’). My companions and I were all excited to be in on this latest linguistic gift from North America (this is more than a little patronising, but I consider North American neologisms such fun), but then I got back onto the Internet and everyone on Twitter and Facebook is already using it.

What loop are all you people in, that you beat me to ‘chillax’?