Todo before Wednesday

These aren’t overly exciting but I might as well get this down somewhere that at least some affected people will see it.

Stuff I need to do by Monday because someone else (who is paying me) wants me to:

  • Substantially more work on my ALTA paper.
  • Set up OJS.
  • Organise and get the university to book flights and accommodation in Melbourne for ALTA (getting the university to do the booking is half the funbother, but policy says we have to or they won’t reimburse us for our flight).

Personal stuff I need to do before Wednesday morning (because Andrew leaves the country for a month on Wednesday and he’s in on half of it):

  • Book accommodation in Phuket.
  • Book accommodation in Ko Lanta.
  • Check booking for SCUBA liveaboard since they haven’t mailed us about it.
  • Finish one last (revision) unit of Spanish and do the compulsory speaking exercises for assessment.
  • Register for, find and book accommodation in Melbourne (actually here recommendations would be vaguely appreciated: we’d like to stay in budget accommodation, near the University of Melbourne, and we’d like to stay together).

Stuff that requires me to leave the house between now and Wednesday morning:

  • Dinner type thing tonight.
  • Baby shower type thing tomorrow afternoon.
  • Diving type thing Sunday morning.
  • Yoga on Monday. (Or possibly not.)
  • Swimming. I keep promising myself I won’t stop swimming when I have a time crunch, but I do. The important thing is to start again though.

Stuff I’ve actually finished this week:

  • Compiled the latest issue of the journal I work for.
  • Finished the second last compulsory Spanish assignment.