Worst specimens

I found There may be very few… but they are trully something… via Pia’s blog, and thought I’d reproduce my comment here:

My 100 Bolivars writes:

So… there may be few… But they are trully something… and to think they encourage more participation is just fantastic. they are the foundations of the very diverse future…

Please ladies, don’t judge us by our worst specimens 😉

I replied:

I think this is a fair call… but it remains valid to judge a group on how well its worst specimens are integrated. If say, someone who is scathingly abusive and contemptuous of women is thought of as well, that’s a bit unfortunate… but he’s such a great coder and we really value him! then the worst specimen tells one a great deal about the group’s values.

This isn’t a hypothetical either, in my experience it’s relatively common, although ‘scathingly contemptuous’ is probably less common than ‘views women primarily as a means of confirming to other men present that the actor is loyal to the group about all.’ (I read a lot of lol, I wanna naked pic of you to prove you are really a girl! as dear other members of this group, I promise you that I will never let a woman or her concerns stand between me and our shared goals, and I have just demonstrated this by making a woman hate me. That is how much I care about our group.)